Gilbert Nuwagira

Gilbert Nuwagira is a graduate with a degree in Economics and Management from Uganda Christian University. Currently, he is the Personal Assistant to the Director at the Refugee Law Project. In this role, in addition to daily interactions with of refugees from different countries within the great lakes region, he is involved in developing, consolidating and data analysis of the systematic screening data on experiences of war that Refugee Law Project is currently undertaking. He also plays an administrative role and inputs into the convening efforts of the Refugee Law Project around topics such as Human Trafficking, Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Force Migration. He is particularly enthused by data; its collection, analysis, and the connections it allows us to make to policy, legal and practice frameworks from a Human Rights perspective. He is intrigued by the intersection of international legal instruments and humanitarian practice in forced migration contexts and how healing, justice and accountability can be curated from them.