Category: Innovative justice

Sudanese victims ask French judges to investigate BNP Paribas’ role in atrocities

Nine Sudanese victims, supported by FIDH and Project Expedite Justice, have filed a criminal complaint today targeting BNP Paribas for alleged complicity in crimes against humanity, torture, and genocide that took place in Sudan, as well as financial offences. This complaint marks the first attempt to hold the French bank criminally responsible for alleged complicity […]

Civitas Maxima: Jungle Jabbah sentenced to 30 years in prison

19 April 2018: Mohammed Jabbateh, the Liberian warlord known as “Jungle Jabbah”, was sentenced today to 30 years in prison, culminating a landmark case in the United States and marking a long-overdue milestone for justice in Liberia. Thirty years is the maximum sentence he could have received and one of the longest prison sentences for […]

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