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Trapped Outside the Conservation Fortress

The intersection of Global Conservation Efforts and Systematic Human Rights Violations.

This Report is part of Project Expedite Justice’s (“PEJ”) contribution to a more just and equitable world. In particular, this project fuels the quest that Indigenous Peoples (“IPs”) and other key stakeholders have followed in pursuing the respect and defense of IPs’ rights when impacted by the creation of conservancy areas. Our main objective with this Report is to amplify those voices and contribute to the conversation with our expertise. Nonetheless, the spotlight should rightly remain on IPs and those organizations that have supported them throughout the years. We would like to thank all IPs and stakeholders who took their valuable time speaking to us and supporting our research to find the truth.
We emphasize that this Report and the views expressed herein represent PEJ’s conclusions and do not necessarily represent, in any way, the opinions of the people and organizations that supported us throughout this process.

Trapped Outside the Conservation Fortress

We will be forever grateful for all the conversations and support generously provided to us along our journey. Together, we will advocate for the affected communities until a change is realized.

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