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Operations Director

Position: Operations Director

Location: Remote

Contract Type: Employee

Compensation: Commensurate with experience

Term: 1 year

About Project Expedite Justice

Project Expedite Justice (PEJ), founded in 2016, is a United States-based NGO with 501(c)(3) charitable organization designation.

PEJ's mission is to use all available legal options to seek justice for individuals inadequately protected under the law, who cannot access legal resources, and who are exploited by governments, corporations, or others.

PEJ applies a novel, victim-centered approach to addressing mass atrocities. PEJ's 3-step model includes training, mentoring, and providing independent legal consulting. We partner with and train local lawyers and investigators to collect, analyze, and preserve evidence according to international legal standards. Without evidence, there can be no accountability. We further build local capabilities and advance the justice process through case-specific mentoring and strategic guidance to local legal practitioners and investigators. Finally, we partner with local NGOs, pro bono law firms, and legal clinics to represent victims of international crimes and serious human rights abuses in court or alternative judicial mechanisms.

PEJ has projects in several countries. Our inclusive team includes people working remotely from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the US. We are deeply committed to increasing opportunities for lawyers and other human rights defenders from the global majority to participate in international rule-of-law-based work. People from countries from the global majority are encouraged to apply for this role.

The Opportunity: Operations Director at PEJ

Position Overview

The Director of Operations contributes to PEJ’s overall mission by leading and supporting seamless fiscal, operational, and human resource management, including policies, systems, processes and coordination. The ideal candidate will be a seasoned professional with specific expertise in nonprofit management and governance; financial management of restricted funds; IT and systems; and international operations; and legal compliance, including human resource law and best practice.

Reporting Relationships

The Director of Operations reports to the Executive Director, works with the Board of Directors at the highest level, and collaborates with other program, fiscal, and administrative staff and consultants. The Director of Operations is the direct supervisor of the entire administrative team, coordinating international operations and overseeing administration, finance, and human resources.


The Director of Operations oversees and supervises the following roles:

● Operations Coordinator

● Communications and Projects Coordinator

● Copy Editor

● Office Administrator

● Human Resource Manager

Key Responsibilities: Delivering Impact

Operations Management

  • Review, draft and oversee compliance with policies and procedures, including to satisfy legal requirements and donor regulations;

  • Recommend, implement and oversee maintenance of technology and systems;

  • Ensure that PEJ is working with optimal and secure software and systems, and coordinate with the security consultant to ensure compliance;

  • Help identify ways to improve IT and systems functionality and train staff and/or consultants;

  • Oversee procurement of goods and services, as needed, in line with US or private grant regulations, including competitive bidding, contracts and warranties;

  • Ensure timely and accurate filing of required registrations and forms in compliance with international, federal, state and county agency requirements;

  • Oversee risk management, travel, and security arrangements and clearances; and

  • Promote efficiency by implementing improved operational procedures aligned with PEJ’s mission.

Financial Management

  • Develop, update and oversee compliance with Standard Operating Procedures to comply with U.S. government and other restricted donor funding requirements, including, but not limited to managing subgrants, travel, competitive procurement, cost allocation, and cash controls;

  • Collaborate with the Finance Director on financial planning, budgeting, managing funds, cost allocation to donors, and audit;

  • Contribute to audit preparation and successful completion;

  • As needed, manage process to secure NICRA for USG funding;

  • Contribute to quality control related to fiscal data, including mining for errors and anomalies, mentoring PEJ on compliance and proper documentation throughout the organization, and remaining vigilant about cash flow needs;

  • In consultation with the Director of Finance, ensure timely preparation of fiscal reports for donors, and as needed and requested by management.

Human Resources Management

  • Oversee all human resources (HR) functions including hiring practices, employee review policies, compensation and benefits, professional development, and other HR activities;

  • Assure compliance with applicable employment and personnel laws and regulations;

  • Develop and update personnel and operations policies and procedures and ensure compliance;

  • Oversee integration of new personnel into existing systems and protocols, and training and orientation of staff and consultants on personnel policies and procedures;

  • Oversee hiring and supervision of all administrative staff and administrative volunteers;

  • Oversee changes in compensation and benefits and ensure documentation is maintained;

  • Steward consultant to employee conversation as requested; and

  • Develop and manage a probationary and annual review process for staff and consultants.

Leadership and Management

  • Participate in long-term strategic planning for PEJ;

  • Develop and implement opportunities for personal and professional leadership development;

  • Provide high-level leadership to the Administration team, including regular one-on-one meetings, effective delegation, and consistent feedback; and

  • Promote an organizational culture that centers on high human engagement and communication, and encourages top performance and positive morale.

Profile: Qualifications and Attributes

  • At least ten years of high-level operational and fiscal experience within a non-governmental organization working in the international arena;

  • Masters degree in a related field; or Bachelors degree and five additional years of experience;

  • Experience in engaging in long-term strategic planning for an organization and ability to work with the Executive Director and Board to determine values, mission, and plan for short and long-term goals;

  • Experience developing, implementing, and reviewing operational policies and procedures to ensure compliance and efficiency;

  • Strong background in overseeing day-to-day operations, including administration, budget and finance, and human resources;

  • Solid financial management skills, including financial planning, budgeting, compliance related to restricted donor funds, including U.S. government funds and CFRs (required and will be tested);

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, both internal and external, including experience in external communications and with an interdisciplinary international team;

  • Experience in providing high-level leadership, effective delegation, and fostering an environment of collaboration and high morale; and;

  • Alignment with PEJ’s values and mission and demonstrated commitment to the principles of the rule of law and social justice.

How to Apply:

Email with "Application: Operations Director" in the subject line, and attach:

  • CV/resume (maximum of three pages)

  • Cover letter

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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